Thursday, November 8, 2012

Review: Imperial Armoury (Webstore)


Imperial Armoury is a webstore that sells Warhammer 40K bits, specifically for Imperial Guard armies. It has an edge over other bits webstores as it specialises in Guard, which means it'll often have a lot of bits in stock at a given time.

I found my order from IA waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home. It was especially pleasant as I had all but given up hope that I would receive my order.

I made my order on the website about two months ago which is a considerable period of time. I was offered free shipping as he was away on honeymoon when I had ordered (congratulations!), which I thought was really nice.

However, it took ages to get here. I got suspicious when he hadn't replied to my emails. Apparently, other people had trouble contacting him as well. Please IA, always always ALWAYS respond quickly to consumer inquiries! I was scared I had been scammed.

Poor customer service. Absolutely no attempt of contact between business and customer. Took forever for my order to arrive. That being said, I think I will use them in future as it's just so convenient to have all the Imperial Guard bits together in one webstore. I did end up getting my order, which I suppose is what really matters. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekly Snapshot:First of my Sanguinary Priests

Meet the first of my Sanguinary Priests for my Blood Angels army. It may be a little surprising that I started work on them what with their almost mandatory inclusion in BA lists, but I haven't played a Warhammer 40K game in over a year.

For this guy, almost all of the bits are from the Sanguinary Guard box set, except for the narthecium and apothecary torso. It's a very simple kit bash, but I think it works decently for a Blood Angeled up apothecary.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Making Pre-Heresy 'T' pattern helmets

You know those 'T' helmets you commonly see on the Chaos Space marine sprues? Well I thought it would be cool to have them on my Blood Angels.

Here's how you do it:

1. Cut off the side bits on a normal Space Marine helmet. 

2. Small ball of putty on his mouth. 

3. Flatten out the sides so that you get a distinct raised area in the center. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly Snapshot: Paperhammering a Leman Russ Part 3

This week, I went back and cleaned up the basecoats. The camo I had last week was the first camo job I ever did on a tank, so it did not look pretty. I made it a little more interesting by adding variations into the pattern, instead of just vertical stripes.

It's not looking great so far, but it's not looking bad. Hopefully, the finished paintjob will make this Leman Russ look like a real 40K model, instead of just a cheap cardboard imitation.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Review: Let the Dice Decide (webstore)

About a week ago, I received a package from Let the Dice Decide, a miniature bits seller based in the UK. Their website is at:

I ordered some bits for my scratchbuilt Leman Russes and for my upcoming Imperial Guard force. They dispatched my order the day after I had placed it. And arrived here in Australia, which is a good distance away from the UK, in about a week or so. Crazy, crazy fast. 

My package arrived in a nice padded envelope, with the bits placed nicely inside this plastic bag. Everything was in excellent form, and everything I ordered was there. 

Besides the excellent service, they have some reasonable prices up on their website. I thought my order was reasonably priced as well. 

Excellent service, excellent prices and fast delivery. I highly recommend them, and look forward to purchasing some 40K sprues from their complete sprues section in future. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekly Snapshot: Paperhammering a Leman Russ Pt 2

If you missed the Weekly Snapshot two weeks back, here's the link. So I've finished the modelling and assembling which took a veeeeery long time. It ate up quite a bit of my hobby time and effort, but I think it was worth it in the end.

The only money I spent on this Leman Russ is the demolisher cannon and the heavy flamer. I decided it was too hard to do the weapons so I bought them off Let the Dice Decide, which arrived stupidly fast.

It does look feth ugly at this stage, because I was rushing to put on the base coats for upload. Hopefully, it will turn out nicely and integrate well with a Steel Legion force I'm coming up with.