Friday, September 30, 2011

More assault marines

Here are some more pictures I took last night. I really need to make myself a decent lightbox, there's just too many shadows! 

Ugh...I just noticed that ugly mould line on his head. Excuse me while I go give the man some plastic surgery...

Everything is still very WIP so there are some rough areas which I need to cover (including that horrifying mould line). I'll be posting a tutorial on how to paint BA assault marines soon, so keep your eyes peeled! And please comment! It just lets me know that people look at my blog and actually care about the stuff I'm doing, just a couple of words will do.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A couple of pics...(WIP)

I did manage to get a couple of pics to try and get this blog started. Here are a Blood Angels assault marine and a librarian, work in progress. I ran out of blood red and need to head out to the store to grab another soon. What do you guys think? Sorry for my bad photo taking skills, I'm working on improving them.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi guys I'm not sure if anyone's going to be viewing this, but I'll post it anyway, just to fill up newly (and empty) created blog!

So! Works of the Green Farseer! What is the blog going to be about? I want to post pictures of the work that I do, to show my dedication for the 40K hobby and maybe post some tutorials, as well as random stuff. Hopefully, I'll be regularly updating this blog and getting regular visitors...