Saturday, December 24, 2011

Update: Blood Angels Assault Marines

Christmas is coming up soon, and I'll be away for a few days. However I have been busy with my Blood Angels, here are some more updates:

 A couple of group shots:

Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Style

Over the years since joining this hobby, I have often found myself not satisfied with my paint jobs once I finish them. I drop the offending models into a jar of Dettol and wholla, ugly paint job is gone!

I've been developing and improving my painting, and I managed to crank out these (still WIP):

The tutorial I posted here is how I've been painting these new boys. The highlights are less harsh, and the reds are more warmer overall. 

Here is a comparison shot of one of the first few photos I posted, and the other one was the one in my tutorial:

Do you think I have improved?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to paint Blood Angels

Hello everyone, it's been ages since my last post (1-2 months I think) because I have been busy with my life and all. The good news is that I've been finding more free time lately because the holiday season is coming soon (Christmas!) so that means I'll be able to post more often and paint more often.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Highlights with Blending

In preparation for my upcoming tutorial, I have provided a little insight into highlighting using blending techniques. First of all, highlights are a great way to really bring out all the details on your model and catches the attention of anyone watching.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Necrons!!!!

Hi guys.

Sorry but it's been really busy for me and I haven't posted here for such a long time. I haven't found the time to work on my armies but I promise you, you'll be seeing more pics in the future as well as that BA tutorial I mentioned. I found these interesting pics this morning at Beasts of War and I'd like to share them with you, if you haven't seen them already...

Add caption

Overall, I think these Necron models look awesome. It looks like they've combined Tomb Kings from WFB with the cyberpunk nature of 40K. Awesome! The only models I'm not digging are the Flayed Ones, they're not bad, but they're not good either. I think they look a little plain and have a 'hobo' feel to them. I suspect these have been taken from next month's White Dwarf... Well this pretty much confirms that the Necron release will be a couple of weeks away at the most. Congratulations Necron players!

Friday, September 30, 2011

More assault marines

Here are some more pictures I took last night. I really need to make myself a decent lightbox, there's just too many shadows! 

Ugh...I just noticed that ugly mould line on his head. Excuse me while I go give the man some plastic surgery...

Everything is still very WIP so there are some rough areas which I need to cover (including that horrifying mould line). I'll be posting a tutorial on how to paint BA assault marines soon, so keep your eyes peeled! And please comment! It just lets me know that people look at my blog and actually care about the stuff I'm doing, just a couple of words will do.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A couple of pics...(WIP)

I did manage to get a couple of pics to try and get this blog started. Here are a Blood Angels assault marine and a librarian, work in progress. I ran out of blood red and need to head out to the store to grab another soon. What do you guys think? Sorry for my bad photo taking skills, I'm working on improving them.

Welcome to my blog!

Hi guys I'm not sure if anyone's going to be viewing this, but I'll post it anyway, just to fill up newly (and empty) created blog!

So! Works of the Green Farseer! What is the blog going to be about? I want to post pictures of the work that I do, to show my dedication for the 40K hobby and maybe post some tutorials, as well as random stuff. Hopefully, I'll be regularly updating this blog and getting regular visitors...