Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to paint Blood Angels

Hello everyone, it's been ages since my last post (1-2 months I think) because I have been busy with my life and all. The good news is that I've been finding more free time lately because the holiday season is coming soon (Christmas!) so that means I'll be able to post more often and paint more often.

But now, here is the BA tutorial that I promised!

With my previous tutorial which can be seen here, I used the blending method to highlight the assault marine in all these steps.

Paints needed:
Blood Red (or Vallejo VMC Vermillion)
Scorched Brown
Ogryn Flesh
Chaos Black
Skull White

 Step 1: Paint all the areas of the armour which are going to be red, with scorched brown. I know this pic  isn't the best, but there's nothing much to see here; it's just brown.

 Step 2: Now would be the time to refer back to my previous tutorial (link is at top of page). I grab my Blood Red and mix it with the Scorched Brown. Roughly in a ratio of 1:4 (Red:Brown). Make sure to mix a little bit of water in to give you a smooth consistency that will help you to blend better. With a little bit of the mixture on the tip of your brush (I personally use a fine brush for steps 2 onwards) start painting on the raised areas of the model. As you come to the areas where light would find it more difficult to get to, take some of the paint off your brush onto a towel and gradually paint. Try to make it a smooth transition from brownish-red to brown.

 Step 3: Mix more red into the mixture, a ratio of about 1:3 (red:brown) should suffice. Using the same technique as above, work your way through the model. But this time leave some of the previous layer showing, just a little bit. This will help the blending from red to dark red to be more natural looking by the time your finished. By now the areas which you left darker than the others, should look like shadows.

 Step 4: More red into the mixture. Here I used a ratio of 1:2. Use the same technique as above.

 Step 4: Nothing too special here either, more red into the mixture. I used a ratio of 1:1. Ditto the same technique as above.

 Step 4: Using some watered down blood red (make sure you water down this paint!) paint the raised areas.

 Step 5: I find the Ogryn Flesh wash to be a godsend sometimes. I thought the red didn't look well blended in Step 4, so I applied the wash at this step. You may also want to apply a Ogryn Flesh or Devlan Mud wash in this step if you think the red is coming too brightly or you want a darker model.

 Step 6: In this step, I went back and touched up on some areas with Blood Red. I dipped a ripped piece of a sponge into Chaos Black and gently wiped it with a towel. I then softly applied the black with the sponge. These random black spots will be your battle damage.
I then mixed a little bit of Skull White with Blood Red and traced the bottom lip of the black spots to make them look more realistic.

Well, there you have it! It's how I personally paint my Blood Angels. I hope you found it useful!