Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Snapshot- Scratchbuilt MK4 helmet

I've always loved Forgeworld. All of their kits. Every individual model. So it's no wonder I began to lust after these puppies:

Preheresy MKIV Space Marines. These helmets are worth dying for! But of course, the always frugral part of my brain started thinking "Hey...I've got some green stuff left over!" 
Which leads me to this:

Ok, so it's not amazing but I'm happy with it for now. I just added a bit of green stuff to a normal helmet, pushed and pulled this way and that way, and hey presto! It was surprisingly very easy. I reckon I'll post up a tutorial somewhere in the near future.
The iconic grilles are missing but it's far easier to paint them on instead of painstakingly drawing lines with dangerous knives.

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