Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Explorations of Miniature Photography

I have a serious issue with my photography skills. No matter how hard I try, the picture ends up looking too dark or the colours don't come out right. I don't think I need to provide a picture as proof, because I believe my older blog posts will do...

Here is what I do so far:

  • Switch to Macro mode
    -ensures objects that are extremely close to the camera lens, are in focus
  • Sit the camera on the table top (or tripod)
    -so that there aren't any wobbles or disruptions in the photograph
  • Use a lightbox
    -so that light will be evenly dispersed across the whole model, and prevent shadows 
  • Use three white lamps
    -maximum lighting!
  • Use a white backdrop 
    -so that light will bounce off and onto the model
  • Shoot in a dark room
    -prevents external light from interfering and distorting the photograph

These are the fundamentals of taking good photographs of minis, but just what is wrong with me?
Exposure. This is how much light your camera lets in. So the higher your exposure, the more light your photograph will be.

Zero exposure

1.5 Exposure
Definitely a huge improvement! The problem is, it looks a little unnatural and the reds are too harsh. 

A little editing on Photoshop and voila! I think I may have found the solution to my problem!
I'll try to figure out other ways of improving my photography.

Hope it helped for others as well!

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