Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sculpting your own urban pavement bases

Here is how you sculpt your own urban pavement bases for Warhammer 40K, WFB, etc. It's a tutorial that can be universally across all game systems.

The idea is to create an urban environment that has been heavily destroyed by war and/or natural forces. It's quite a simple tutorial that involves simple sculpting skills.

1. Grab a small ball of your sculpting putty of choice. Here, I used Milliput because it's cheap. You'll want to mush the ball against the base and spread it out so that it'll be relatively flat. Don't worry about making it smooth just yet, so don't mind the fingerprints. 

2. With a flat edged tool, push the edges of the lump so that it'll be nice and straight. You can leave the edges where it meets the sides of the base round. 

3. Lubricate a flat edged tool and use it to smooth the surface of the lump. I used water and a clay shaper. Don't worry too much if there are any imperfections because it will aid in the image of a ruined urban environment. 

4. Make some lines that are parallel to each other, making sure that each line is spaced roughly the same width as each other. 

5. As with Step 4, but in the other way. Let it cure.

Optional Step: You can create battle damage after it has cured by cutting off little chunks, scratching the surface, making bullet holes, etc. You could also add a little bit of sand around the edges of the pavement so that it looks like it's been partly buried. It really depends on the effect you want to go for. 

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