Sunday, March 25, 2012

GW's new paint range and Dark Angels...

Games Workshop have announced their new Citadel paints. Most (if not all) the names of the paints have been changed, but nothing has been removed. There's quite a few new paints as well.

Here are the subcategories of the new range:

Citadel Base Paints
These seem to be the replacement for the old Foundation series. They were always good for painting on colours that normally would have poor coverage like yellow, red, white, etc. 

Citadel Shades
No matter what anyone said about GW (like their ridiculous policies!), everyone loved the washes they produced. Have a bad paintjob? Apply, wait and be amazed by the difference! These were excellent for providing shadows and defining details. Well it looks like the Citadel Shades have replaced the old washes. There appears to be 12 Shades in total, which is more than the washes.

Citadel Dry Compounds
Now this is new! Drybrushing was always a quick and easy way of providing highlights, battle damage, etc. This range seems to be dryer than normal paints so that it'll be easier to drybrush with. 

Citadel Layer Paints
Those standard Citadel paints are gone and are now replaced with these. Gone are the days of Chaos Black and Blood Red. There's 70 of these. 

Citadel Glazes
Before these, we had to add a drop of paint to some water to create a glaze. Glazes are good for smooth transitions are different from adding water to paint. There are four glazes: red, green, blue and yellow. This range is also new. 

Citadel Texture Paints
Now these sound very interesting. They contain a mixture of fine grit and paint, which will be great in providing texture to your minis. So if you have a mini on a muddy base, you can put some brown Texture Paint on his leg or whatever to tie the mini and the base together. These would also save a lot of time if you don't do much detail on your bases, because you don't have to apply sand, wait, and then paint. 

Citadel Technical Paints
Unless you've been living under a rock, you would know about the Liquid Green Stuff that was released a little way back. Also in this range are the varnishes such as Ard Coat. 

I don't think Games Workshop's new range is going to convince me to start using their paints again. I've been steadily abandoning my GW paints for Vallejo's excellent paints lately. But still, I appreciate the effort and like how they are trying to make their range more exciting. 

So why did I include Dark Angels in the title of this post? Well if you look at the new Warhammer 40K paint set....
Dark Angels! And it looks like the DA chapter symbols are part of the minis themselves... Could it possibly be the confirmation of the Dark Angels being in the 6th Edition starter set??? 

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