Friday, July 13, 2012

Review: Maelstrom Games

Oh God, my last post was 4 months ago. I feel the guilt overwhelming me. My eyes are starting to pop out of their sockets. My teeth are falling out...

To get this pressure off my back, I've decided to post up a review of Maelstrom Games, a hobby and modelling distributor based in the UK. You can check them out here.

As everyone who's been following the GW news knows, Australia has been hit hard by the trade embargo. Because the prices were so high here (literally twice as more expensive here than the UK and US!), many Australians stumbled across a sneaky way for them to save a great deal of money. Not anymore.

I was one of these sneaky gits. But I've decided to turn to alternate methods of getting all my hobby supplies except miniatures, from different manufacturers. Enter Vallejo paints. My God, these are amazing! They come in awesome dropper bottles that make it so easy to place on the palette, plus they have more paint in them than GW ones...
Anyway, Maelstrom Games has been my primary method of getting my grubby hands on lovely supplies.

And that was my fairly long winded story of how I came to rely on Maelstrom Games.

So I made an order a little over a month ago but it got split up into several individual orders, due to stock shortages. So I received it piecemeal. Expected delivery time was two weeks from the UK to Australia. Not good.

Before you stop reading and decide you will never buy from MG, this was a special case. I've already had good experiences with them in the past, so I just shrugged it off.

They have excellent customer service. I emailed them to ask why I hadn't received my order and they replied immediately. They were very considerate and apologetic in their response.

And two weeks after that, I got my stuff. As a trickle yes, but nonetheless I received my goods in sturdy cardboard boxes jam packed with bubble wrap. I'm just waiting for one more package to arrive. And everything was in perfect, pristine condition.

If I were to drop this, I'd be surprised if anything were to be damaged.

I highly recommend them. And now, I'm off to work on my miniatures!

EDIT: Maelstrom is taking a bloody long time with my second order, without telling me why. It's been over a month! I'm taking a star off! I     would now be wary of ordering any stuff that is currently out of stock on their website.


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