Monday, July 16, 2012

Cutting Costs: The Glue

We all know that enjoying our little hobby can be tough on our wallets. And your ears as your wife/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog repeatedly complains about those "little men". 

Yes, it is an expensive hobby. And with Games Workshop's ever increasing prices, it's becoming increasingly more difficult to stay committed to our beloved hobby. 
Thankfully, there are a number of ways you could take in order to save some cash and still enjoy your hobby. 

Enter the Glue. This is one of the most commonly used items and is the lifeblood of our miniatures. It is an item that we absolutely need, and we need a lot of it too. 

Games Workshop sells both their super and plastic glues at USD 6.60 (AUD 12.00!). It doesn't seem too much for a one time purchase, but you're going to need a lot to assemble a whole army, so the added cost will be significant. 

I got these bad boys for $3 each, with 7 in each. Amazingly cheap and works on both plastic and metal. It's arguably more useful on plastic models than a dedicated plastic glue, because you can just rip off any parts you've accidently glued on. Plastic glue melts and fuses parts together, meaning if you make a mistake, it's permanent. This is huge. You can find these pretty much anywhere including supermarkets, Walmarts, etc. Look for cheap packets with multiple tubes.


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