Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Snapshot: Blood Axe Ork

Today is the start of something new. As you may have noticed, my blog name has changed because, well to be honest, the previous one was a little long. I've also changed my name for the same reason, and because I thought a mysterious, foreign sounding name was a perfect match for an Eldar Farseer.

This is the first of my weekly snapshots, a post that I hope will motivate me post more regularly here on this blog.

Here, I have an Ork boy converted and painted up. He was originally from the AOBR set, but I tweaked it a little bit to make him more dramatic.

He's a Blood Axe boy, so I thought I'd chuck some humie looking elements onto him. I covered his arms with combat fatigues, gave him a helmet and goggles, and gave him a quick autumn camo (which didn't turn up so great in the photo). 

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